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This blog has been updated

published: 2024-04-12

It's been thirteen years since I updated this site. That's crazy! Who the heck's been paying the hosting fees for more than a decade to keep this dead site up? Oh, right -- me.


What took so long?


Nodejs EventEmitter Example With Custom Events

published: 2011-10-04

A good example of an event emitter needs three things:

  • A thing that emits events
  • A thing that listens to, and handles, those events
  • Something that drives the two, causing events to be emitted.

Using node v0.4.11-pre, here is a small example illustrating custom event handling using EventEmitter.


Head-to-Head: perl's eval,, Exception/ and

published: 2006-03-02

I wanted to use a more OO approach to error handling in perl instead of just plain old eval, so I did some looking around. I wanted it to be easy, so I looked at these modules:

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