Steven Hilton

Full Stack Web Developer

I have more than twenty years experience working on full life-cycle web application development projects. I'm most at home in the business logic with Ruby on Rails or Node.js. I'm familiar with tools and technologies up and down the stack. From linux, mysql, redis and nginx on the backend to react, html, css, javascript, typescript on the frontend, I can make myself at home where I'm needed most.

  • I'll can do greenfield development starting from an idea, or work with a tried-and-true legacy codebase.
  • I'll work on a large story that spans several sprints or work on a stack of low-hanging fruit tickets in a single sprint.
  • I'll track down and fix tricky bugs.
  • I'll refactor large subsystems and add a set of unit tests.
  • I'll clean up a user workflow to reduce the number of clicks they need complete an action.
  • I'll work with a designer to implement a new feature.

I'm comfortable working fully remote with tools like Teams, Slack, Jira, Trello, etc. to keep everyone up to date.

I live in Cary, North Carolina. I'm a fan of Linux and open source software. I'm married to a wonderful wife and have two great kids. I like cats and penguins.