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Market Driven Programming

published: 2011-08-17

The latest turn in the computer science industry is a new development process called "Marketing Driven Programming."

It is designed to make it easier for people who don’t have programming experience, but who do work in the Marketing Department, to develop applications independently of a technology or programming staff.


Halloween cards are supposed to be scary

published: 2007-11-13

My seven year old daughter made a Halloween card for her grandmother. On the back of the card, she drew a pretty butterfly. The butterfly was happy. Tara added glitter to the card to make the butterfly nice and sparkly. Then, she remembered that Halloween cards are "supposed to be scary." So she changed the card a bit….


How's the view up there?

published: 2006-06-26

Manager-types like to look at things from a "high level." Instead of worrying about the crucial details of a project, they prefer to be a bit further off, so they can see issues from multiple angles, and how those issues relate to each other.

I don’t have anything against this. But some managers can be very literal about how "high up" they are when looking at the problem.

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