This blog has been updated

It's been thirteen years since I updated this site. That's crazy! Who the heck's been paying the hosting fees for more than a decade to keep this dead site up? Oh, right -- me.


What took so long?

It was largely a case of the cobbler having no shoes. I kept busy working at my current job at the time, telling myself I would get around to updating this site Real Soon Now, but never got around to it.

This time I did.

It's a 100% static site generated with nextjs. It's nothing fancy and it still has a very "retro" feel, but I wanted to get an update out into the world, and even this has taken longer than I wanted it to. It's hosted on github with a github workflow to automatically publish changes to my site whenever I push or merge to main. All I have to do is write a mardown file, commit and push and it's out there.

I deleted some of the older content that wasn't relevant anymore. Going forward this blog will focus mostly on technology and programming. I'll be adding more content and updating the design on a more regular basis.

--- Steven