nodejs EventEmitter example with custom events

Oct 4, 2011

A good example of an event emitter needs three things:

  • A thing that emits events
  • A thing that listens to, and handles, those events
  • Something that drives the two, causing events to be emitted.

Using node v0.4.11-pre, here is a small example illustrating custom event handling using EventEmitter.


Marketing Driven Programming

Aug 17, 2011

The latest turn in the computer science industry is a new development process called “Marketing Driven Programming.”

It is designed to make it easier for people who don’t have programming experience, but who do work in the Marketing Department, to develop applications independently of a technology or programming staff.


What I want from the Media: A little ass-kicking.

Aug 2, 2011

There are two types of media. One I’m willing to pay for. One I’m not.

The kind of media I’m NOT willing to pay for: Fluff. This includes:

  • Sports News
  • Entertainment News
  • Product Reviews
  • Press Releases
  • TV Listings
  • Etc

There is so much information out there that I’m interested in knowing about, and the people who have that information want me to know about it. But I’m not going to pay to be marketed to.


An abrupt and drastic change is needed

Nov 19, 2010

Note: I originally wrote this on July 7 or 8, 2008. The original url is: I am posting it here so I’ll have my own copy…

I’m afraid the newspaper industry will keep falling apart if it doesn’t do an abrupt and drastic change very soon. Something different. I don’t mean better, faster or cheaper. I don’t mean harnessing new technologies to improve the way we do things. I mean substantively, fundamentally different.

But different how?


Metallic Pocket Lint

Feb 7, 2009

This is the “give a penny, take a penny” tray sitting on the counter of the chinese place where I ate lunch yesterday:



Halloween cards are supposed to be scary

Nov 13, 2007

My seven year old daughter made a Halloween card for her grandmother. On the back of the card, she drew a pretty butterfly. The butterfly was happy. Tara added glitter to the card to make the butterfly nice and sparkly. Then, she remembered that Halloween cards are “supposed to be scary.” So she changed the card a bit….


Die-hard Republican outraged at Bush

Jun 26, 2007

A coworker of mine falls squarely into the social- and fiscal-conservative camp of the Republican Party. He is not ashamed to say that he voted for Bush in both elections. He believes in a small, limited government and that religion is the basis for morality.

He’s a good guy, though. He not obnoxious at all.

Yesterday, he stopped by my office and talked politics for a few minutes. He knows I’m an ardent libertarian (who doesn’t?) and can easily talk politics without it getting personal.

Looks like even this arch-Republican has had enough of the Bush administration over the lastest debacle.