Went downtown and rode the R-Line with the wife. It still had that new bus smell.

"On The R-Line"

Ate a late lunch at Hard Times Cafe in Glenwood South. The “Cincinnati” Chile, with onions and jalapeƱos, was delicious. It went great with the Highland Gaelic Ale, which I hadn’t tried before.

I chilled out on a comfy sofa while Jen shopped at Ornamentea.

We had fun walking around. The time went too fast.

Too many places are closed on Sundays, though. Bummer.

I’m looking forward to spending an afternoon downtown with the kids soon, checking out Glenwood South and Fayetteville Street and City Market by way of the R-Line. We’ll have to make sure to do it on a Saturday, though.

Congrats to Raleigh for getting the R-Line up and running!

The R-Line is R-Some!