A coworker of mine falls squarely into the social- and fiscal-conservative camp of the Republican Party. He is not ashamed to say that he voted for Bush in both elections. He believes in a small, limited government and that religion is the basis for morality.

He’s a good guy, though. He not obnoxious at all.

Yesterday, he stopped by my office and talked politics for a few minutes. He knows I’m an ardent libertarian (who doesn’t?) and can easily talk politics without it getting personal.

Looks like even this arch-Republican has had enough of the Bush administration over the lastest debacle. To claim that the President’s and the Vice-President’s offices are not part of the Executive Branch is “completely outrageous,” he says.

Well, yeah. It is. But I was a bit suprised to hear him say it.

Last week, there were reports that Bush’s approval rating had fallen to 26%. That’s the lowest of his term. Lower than Carter’s, and second only the Nixon’s shortly before he resigned. And that was before the “President and Vice-President are above the law” bit. That was before my die-hard Republican co-worker finally became outraged at the latest egregious abuses of power.

I wouldn’t have thought he’d come around, but better late than never.

It seems evens the last vestiges of support for the Bush are finally crumbling. It will be interesting to see the next Bush approval poll .