I’ve gotten dozens of emails over the past couple days about The Software Wars Map – all of it positive. Many people had suggestions, some had criticisms of a sort, but it was all positive – except for one, single message. I’ve included it below.

I’m going to pull out the suggestions from the other emails and put them in another post for further discussion, but here’s the zinger:

To: mshiltonj@gmail.com
Subject: And people wonder why Linux freaks are laughed at…
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2006 18:28:29 -0400
Good going, your fanboism really shines thru.

You are missing a few things:

From left to right.

XP completely and utterly annihilated MacOSX. By almost 10 to 1.

Exchange isn’t threatened by anything. Especially not OpenExchange or Ximian. Something like 120 to 1 in Microsoft’s advantage

Linux currently owns less desktops than even MacOS X. No stalled attack there. Simple annihilation.

KOffice? Don’t make me laugh, even OpenOffice does better than KOffice.

MySQL versus MS SQL 2005? Are you serious?

IIS vs. Apache? IIS is far more complete and doesn’t need all those extras Apache needs to keep up. When was the last IIS flaw?

Outlook being stalemated by T-Bird??? People actually USE tbird?

MS IE, replaced soon by MS IE 7.0. and it still controls more than 90% of the browser market. That’s not being turned away.

I won’t even get into Sun, who had its collective butt saved by Microsoft’s “donation”.

SGI? laugh OpenGL? DirectX is better, more powerful and more features ets. Even iD uses it now.

HP? You mean Microsoft’s largest reseller? HP UX versus XP? You really have no clue about either product line do you?

I doubt you will reply. Most of you loonies don’t, or simply comment it was a joke.

“Freak” ? Depends on who you ask.

“Loony” ? Nah.

“Fanboy” ? Probably.