I put up my Software Wars Map way back in January, and it pretty much just sat there. In late May, for some reason, I suddenly started getting a several thousand hits per day from StumbleUpon, which is pretty amazing considering my site previously was getting only about 30-50 hits per day, mainly to my SkillMarket page. I don’t know how or why it happened.

That surge in hits was some kind of catalyst. Over the past few days, the traffic from StumbleUpon is tapering off, but I’m slowly getting more traffic coming in from various blogs – many of them international (mainly from various Asian countries). The map has been submitted several times to Digg, but even though it got a positive comment or two each time, it never got dugg to the front page.

Yesterday, the Software Wars Map was featured as the top story on Linux Watch, and I started getting traffic from them, which I find personally gratifying.

On a fluke, I did a search on BlogSearch, Technorati and Bloglines and found that many bloggers are posting copies of the images on their own site. The image is freely distributable, and having more copies out there saves me bandwidth costs, so I’m glad it’s getting spread around.

I’m very appreciative of all the positive feedback the Map has gotten, both to me personally through email, and on the various forums and blogs I looked at over the past couple days.

Of course, special thanks to Li-Cheng Tai who did the original Software Wars Map back in 1998-2003.