Software Wars hasn’t been updated in well over two years. Since then, many things have happened: Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice 2.0 (with Base), PHP 5, MySQL 5, Apache2, and more – especially Novell’s Openxchange Server. The map has no mentions of Fedora, Ubuntu or even Google. In fact, serveral whole new fronts in the War are missing: “web services,” console gaming (XBox), search, and web advertising. The SCO mess has become more of an annoyance to keep an eye on, rather than a full-frontal assault, while Sun and SGI continue to fade. I emailed Andy Tai, who used to maintain Software Wars on a semi-regular basis, and never got a response. A lot has changed in two years. Surely, someone with more time and skill than me can take on the challenge of updating the Software Wars Map?

UPDATE: I eventually did it myself. Check out my Software Wars page.