Americans see corruption as problem

WASHINGTON - Indictments, investigations and a congressman’s guilty plea for taking millions in bribes have left most Americans convinced that political corruption is a deeply rooted problem, according to an Associated Press-Ipsos poll.

Missteps and misconduct that have reached into all levels of government - from the White House and Congress to governors’ offices in Connecticut and Ohio - have helped drive 88 percent of those surveyed to say the problem is a serious one.

I would like to read this and think that Americans are finally getting a wake-up call about the dramatic reforms and house cleaning that need to be done to our political system and our politicians.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe this wide-spread distrust of government will lead to any real change. I’m convinced that 90%+ of the all politicians will get re-elected in ‘06, and the status quo will remain.

Although a few seats will change hands, it doesn’t matter if Democrats gain control of the House or Senate. Americans see both parties as equally corrupt. The articles says, “Democrats were considered more ethical by 36 percent, while 33 percent cited Republicans. That difference is within the poll’s margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.”

It doesn’t matter if Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi become Majority Leader of the Senate or Speaker of the House. It doesn’t matter if Hastert stays, or if Delay regains his seat. If we want to see anything beyond cosmetic sweep-it-under-the-rug type of changes, our only choice is to break the two-party system and DON’T VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS OR REPUBLICANS.

Unless we break the two-party system, we can just expect more of the same. I suspect the Demopublicans will have a good laugh on us come November 8, 2006. A tiny few faces may have changed, but the same two political machines will be running things, fighting amongst themselves, united in making sure they are the only two voices at the table.

Taxes will go up, or the deficit will go up, or both.

Spending will continue go up. Pork projects will continue to be funded.

More civil and/or economic liberties will be taken. More regulations will be enacted.

More beauracracies will be created.

Government budgets will take up a larger percentage of the GDP.

Another future generation will finance the current one.